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Dizilife has started creating niche products that simplify and improve user's productivity particularly in the mobile and social space.

May 2012

The mobilyse suite has been tweaked to cater for mobile sites and transactions.

February 2012

Social-Poster Service has been launched. Signup Here. The tool allows you to create and schedule facebook and twitter mesages including rich media and monitor the responses.

March 2011

Mobilyze Service has been launched as a web toolkit. Signup Here. Take advantage of the trial window where we are giving some free SMS messages for users to test the platform..

September 2010

Excel SMS Client has been developed and is undergoing Alpha testing.

August 2010

Dizilfe's has joined Facebook .. join our community here

SMS Gateway launched

Mobilyse Suite soft launched

July 2010

TEMS Service launched, a preliminary sampling of a few organisations phone bills indicate huge scope for saving..who want to save money. Its more difficult that one would think!!!

June 2010

New products initiated, we think you will be pleasantly surprised

August 2007

Reseller program launched.

October 2006

We did a Rebranding exercise where we re-designed the website and logo from the original to be more indicative of our mission.

August 2006

SMS Broadcast has been re-launched with support for 870x devices.

We have partnered with mobihand www.mobihand.com to distribute our products.

February 2006

Our latest product MailMan is now ready for beta testing, Mailman is one application that no outlook 2003 users should do without.

December 2005

We have released Tumble Balls a simple game for the BlackBerry

September 2005

We are expanding our products and services beyond the BlackBerry.

May 2005

We have released "Googling" a google search application for infoworkers that can be used on the BlackBerry.
Our current Bestseller is the SMS Broadcast application that adds multi sms'ing capabilities to the BlackBerry. Here's a cool review of SMS Broadcast on the BlackBerryCool website
And another review at the BBHub site.

August 2005

We have partnered with Handango www.handango.com to distribute our products.

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