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DZL Mobilyse Suite
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Mobile Customer

Your customers are mobile .. are you?

Mobile users need information about the shops and businesses in their local area. (Download free Mobile Markeintg whitepaper. )

A mobile-friendly website, combined with QR codes and other poster or magazine advertisements will drive more customers to your business and help drive visibility and transactions for you.

Mobile Content Creation and Management, either using the integrated mobile content creations and publishing tool or transcoding your existing corporate hosted sites and services via the Mobilyse platform's transcoder including templates for data collection forms and product catalog's etc.

QR Code generators containing links to content and services for instant user service and gratification, with detailed reporting including click activity.

Detailed analytics and Reporting enhances the value you derive from your customer communications by ensuring a closed feedback loop.

Even more critical is the fact that many users are now reading their email on the mobile devices hence any email marketing should also automatically tie in to a mobile website.

Mobile sites are designed for the smaller screen, with the needs and context of mobile user in mind and leads to user accessiility and satisfaction.

Our mobile site builder has the following features

  • Mobile layouts and design Templates
  • Mashup templates (RSS etc)
  • ContactUs Forms
  • GPS Location based directions
  • Vouchers Support
  • Device Detection and automatic site optimisations
  • QR Code generation
  • WebSite Analytics and reporting
  • Mobile simulator
  • Data collection forms creation

Here's a FREE MOBILE WEBSITE TEMPLATE to help plan and create your mobisite.

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