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FAQ and Knowledgebase - Mobilyse Suite

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1. What can I do if I encounter any problems?
2. Does Dizilife have a hotline support?

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FAQ and Knowledgebase - SMS Broadcast

1.0 I have problems sending SMS messages using SMS Broadcast?

A: Some devices have the built in firewall activated which will stop any third party applications from sending any SMS’es.

When the SMS Broadcast first starts and when sending your first SMS you may be prompted with a dialog box which says


“ The application SMS Broadcast has requested a SMS Connection to 12345678

Don’t ask this again

  • For All SMS Connections
  • SMS Connections to 12345678


Allow this connection

Deny this Connection

Select the choice

-" For All SMS Connections"

And click the
“Allow this connection” button
Next  in some cases you may again be prompted with another dialog

“ Do you want to allow the application SMS Broadcast to act as a Server”

Don’t ask this again

  • For All SMS_Send Connections


Allow this connection

Deny this Connection

Select the choice

- "For All SMS_Send Connections"

And click the

“Allow this connection” button

And that’s it you should now be able to send and manage your SMS broadcast groups using the SMS Broad cast application.

2.0 Can I use the SMS Broadcast on Nextel networks?.

A: No the SMS Broadcast is designed to be used on GSM networks. Nextel uses the iden network technology which is not compatible with the SMS Broadcast code. a Nextel version is due for release shortly.

3.0 When searching for a name on the address list the software seems to hangs or become unbearably slow?

A: The address list used by SMS Broadcast is not indexed currently, as such the search on the address list is extremely slow. We recommend that you simply use the track wheel and scroll through the adress list to add the entries which you need.

4.0 I have just purchased the SMS Broadcast, where is my key code?

A: The software will not expire, and you do not need a registration key/code.

5.0 I would like to see some additional features in the software how can I request for it?

A: Please post your request to support@dizilife.com, as is normal we take user feedback seriously and will add it to the code base if there is sufficiently strong demand.

6.0 There seems to be a delay in receiving the messages?

A: This is network dependent, once the software has transmitted the message to the network then the message traverses through the network to its final destination.

7.0 special charecters such as @ and euro symbol are garbled?

A:Yes we are aware that on the 870x device that special charecters are not transmitted correctly and are investigating the issue.

8.0 the test is garbled everytime I send a SMS?

A:Yes there was a bug in the systems prior to 1.5.x where the the data was garbled when transmitted over certain networks. please upgrade to the latest version.

9.0 I still have a problem, what should I do?

A: Please send an email to support@dizilife.com with your device details (device model, free memory, network, and issue) and we will get back to you as soon as possible?


10. I would like to customise your software or wish to see some additional features is that possible?

A: Certainly, please send any suggestions or feature wishlist to support@dizilife.com, we take all feedback seriously and welcome the opportunity to serve our customers better.


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